“When Words Fail… Our Music Speaks”

Willerm Delisfort was born on November 14th in little Haiti, Miami Florida. His parents Pierre Franklin and Antonante Delisfort are both Haitians. Willerm grew up in an environment where he learned to appreciate his heritage, know his history and his culture which opened his eyes to arts and musics. Willerm went to Florida A&M University to become a brilliant pianist and composer. his expertise and what he learned from his Haitian root made him a versatile musician well solicited in the Jazz, Gospel and R&B music industries.

The Willerm Delisfort Project

“The Willerm Delisfort Project” include Marquis Hill on trumpet, Patrick Terbrack on saxophone, Tim Seisser on bass, along with both 2009 Recipient of the Betty Carter Residency Clif Wallace on Drums. Hailing from Ft. Wayne Indiana the incredible Clif Wallace is burst of energy that not only keeps the audience on their toes, but also the band. Along his side is the native Chicago bassist Tim Seisser who constantly shows a strong presence in the sense of time, and feel. In the front lines are two of the most remarkable young story tellers of today. Chicago’s young lion Marquis Hill who is always leaving a room full of listeners completely amazed, and Lansing Michigan’s own Patrick Terbrack truly a great narrator of today. (Source: sonicbids)

Give back to the community

There will be always a way to help your community. The Delisfort Project have dedicated their lives to performing all over the World spreading their voice & soul, also into the school systems were they give back what was so generously taught to them as kids. Willerm Delisfort is a proud Haitian American who is making a difference in the community.

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