What is Love?

These 3 words can mean so much to many people. They can make the heart flutter and cause a person to smile without know it. The 3 words that can change a life is “I love you”.

Men and women say this to each other often when in a relationship. They help us to recall times when we felt love and knew we were loved. Those special moments like being proposed to or hearing them for the first time from someone you really care about. Nothing else can really compare to that.

Yet sadly what so many experiences, are not really love at all. It is some that are here today and gone tomorrow. Words are spoken in a time of passion to get what one wants but leave when the morning comes. One person may feel like this love is real while the other person only wants what saying I love you will give them right now.

Love is more than words. It is more than a feeling. When we say these words to anyone they must mean more than just simple lip service. I love you means:

Photo by Jose Escobar

1) I accept you as you are- There are not a bunch of rules and regulations one must stick to in order to earn your love. It means you are free to be yourself with all of your faults and shortcomings. No need to act or pretend to be something you are not when you are loved.

2) I accept you because you are- There are not many relationships we have in life where we experience unconditional acceptance. Most people have expectations of us and when we fail to live up to those expectations they have no problem dismissing us. When we say I love you it should mean we are loved just as we are, not because we have to change.

3) I accept you no matter what- contrary to what some believe we all make mistakes. Romans 3:10 says “there are no righteous people, no not one”. Each and every one of us will make mistakes, disappoint loved ones and have things to apologize for. When you are loved people do not use your mistakes as the only factor in determining how to love you. Love covers sin. It does not cover it up but it does cover sin.

Love is great. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Instead, it should be cherished and shared with others as often as we can.

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