What couples need to know about Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Before a man gets intimate with a woman, there are a lot of questions that popped up in his head. Some of the questions are: Am I ready? Am I gonna get and stay hard?

Even younger men have erectile dysfunction (ED). Some guys don’t know how to control it and get mad about it, they keep their distance so the wife or girlfriend don’t ask for sex.

Dr. Barry McCarthy says: ” If you’re in a relationship, erectile dysfunction isn’t just happening to the man, it’s happening to the couple.”

Which makes us think that when a man isn’t stable or if he’s sleeping around, he will have to deal with the problem on his own. He will most likely push people away, their chance to have a healthy relationship goes down. But if you are in a relationship and you are both facing the problem together, you can prevent the ED from pushing you two apart.

It’s not easy to not feel stressed but you can face it together.

When you are ready to get intimate, here are the things you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • It’s common, you are not the only one with the problem. One study estimates that about 50% of men have or have had some degree of erectile dysfunction. And as you are getting older, more men are having the problem.
  • Don’t blame yourself, and don’t apologize. Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist says: ” Men with ED need to know that this isn’t their fault, and their partners need to know the same thing.” If you are not hard, it’s not because of something you did or didn’t do.
  • ED isn’t happening because you don’t love your partner, it’s not because she’s not attractive, it’s not because you ‘re not turned on enough. The harder you try in the bedroom, the worse it could be.


Here is how?

We have done some research, we talk to other male, doctors, and therapists to give you advice.


  • Don’t be ashamed to talk about it, don’t do it right on the bed while you are about to make love. Don’t let your ego takes over, be humble, ready to listen and try new things to make it work.
  • Talk to other males friends, ask for advice.
  • Talk to your doctor about your ED, your dysfunction can be related to a health issue or side effects of medications you’re on
  • Exercise is a great way to pump blood flow. Regular exercise could be a great benefit.
  • See a sex therapist to guide you and give you advice. Sex therapists are trained and have what it takes to help you. Don’t think that you know everything, or you had tried everything. They will go deeper into the problem to help you find solutions. You may say that you don’t have the budget, but if you want to save your marriage or your relationship, I think it well worth the price. Certain women will go out there, looking for other alternatives to the ED problem, some ended up living their spouses because the marriage can’t be consumed.
  • Making love to your partner isn’t all about sex, you can highly enjoy a massage, oral sex, touching each other, there are tons of pleasure in doing these things.
  • Don’t rush, take your time, relax, have fun with your partner. making love isn’t hard labor, it’s not a game or competition. Learn how to feel and connect with each other.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how many kids you have, it doesn’t matter if you were in an abusive relationship, This present moment, The now is what matter. Don’t let negativity, fear, and shame hold you back. Be humble, learn how to make each other happy and enjoy each other’s company.

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