What a “Smile” can do for you?

Smile, smile, smile!

Like Kenneth Branagh said: ” Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things”.

“A smile worth a thousand words”, but we don’t often smile because we are too worried, too busy, too stressed out, too afraid to enjoy life.

What are the benefits of a smile?

  1. Smiling releases molecules in the brain that help relieve stress.
  2. It sets off a cascade of neurotransmitters that lower your heart rate and blood pressure
  3. It relaxes your body
  4. It eases any pain that you may have
  5. It lifts your mood
  6. You will get better treatment by others
  7. Men and women become more attractive, more relaxed, reliable and genuine when they smile.

If you are not happy with your teeth, if they stop you from laughing and smiling, you can use a better toothpaste, straighten your teeth, feel confident and smile. You don’t have to have the perfect smile, it’s free and it can light up your world.

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