What 30 minutes workout in the pool can do for you?

There are lots of benefits working out in the water. A lot of people are getting their body ready for summer, but if you don’t have the chance to start yet, you can still catch up in the pool. You can stay in shape while enjoying the water. How? by exercising in the pool besides swimming.

Use the exit ladder to do pull-ups, rest your elbows on the edge of the pool and pedal your legs out in front of you.

Other exercises that you can do:

  • Jog in place. Keep knees high.
  • Tick-tock hop. Quickly jump from side to side, keeping feet together.
  • Knee twist. Cross right elbow toward left knee at the waist.
  • Squat jump. Squat down with arms extended at shoulder height; jump as high as possible while raising arms overhead.
  • Flutter kick. …
  • Pendulum swing.

The pictures will give you a better idea, on how the movement should look like.

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