Things you need to do to prevent cancer

 What can you do to prevent cancer?

Cancer, although is of different types and can be caused by different things, it is basically an abnormality that stems from cell division anomaly. It is a disease condition that causes the uncontrolled growth and division of abnormal cells and can occur anywhere in the body.

‘Cancer’ itself is a word that seems to infuse fear in the mind of mortals. Why so? It is quite deadly. In America, cancer is said to be the second leading cause of death. In an article published in April 2009, in Harvard Men’s Health Watch, it says “about 1,437,000 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in America in 2009 and more than 565,000 people will die of the disease.”


While there are survivors of this monster disease, it usually doesn’t leave them exactly the same. This leaves a particular question in the mind of people:

How do you prevent cancer?

With increased medical knowledge and advanced medical equipment, doctors and other medical professionals have been able to improve on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. You, however, would be doing yourself better if you work on protecting yourself and steering clear of the cancer path.

Here are some tips for you.

  • Have a regular bowel movement

If you have a constipation problem, try to resolve it. Study proves that people who develop cancer had suffered from constipation.  Prune fruit or juice can help you go regularly, other fruit like apples, pears, kiwifruit, citrus fruit, spinach and other greens rich on fiber will help you go. Get rid of toxins in your body now, and the best way to do it is by having a regular bowel movement, don’t wait.

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    Laugh more

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Like they say ” Life is too short to be angry”. Laughter decreases stress, based on Wikipedia definition ” Laughter triggers the releases of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.”

Laughter is the best medicine and it’s free. Stop being mad all the time, you cannot be in control of everything and every situation. You must learn to be happy and allow yourself to laugh and enjoy life. You’ll more chance to live a healthier life

  • Mind what you eat

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The need for a healthy diet for healthy living cannot be overemphasized. It does not offer a 100% guarantee against cancer but then no preventive measure does, they only reduce the risk.

Eat enough fruit and vegetable, and limit your intake of red and processed meats. Avoid taking refined sugars and choose food with low calories. Do not take much alcohol as it has been linked to liver and breast cancers.

  • Get a good night sleep

Some people don’t realize what a good night sleep can do for them, it’s important as exercise and a healthy meal. If you have insomnia, we encourage you to see a doctor to get it under control. Stress, overwork are some of the things that can interfere with your sleep. You can set up a schedule, get used to go to sleep at a certain time and wake up at a certain time. Doctor recommended 8hours sleep per day has great benefit. Study shows that people who don’t get enough sleep can develop some type of cancer.

  • Protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays

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Not less than 96,400 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and yet skin cancer has been listed as one of the most preventable cancer. Skin cancer is caused by much exposure to UV radiation from the sun and can be prevented by staying out of the midday sun, covering up exposed skin, staying in the shade, avoiding tannings and using sunscreen.

  • Do away with tobacco and tobacco products

Tobacco use has been rated one of the highest causes of cancer as it has been linked with numerous types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast, cervical, colorectal, larynx, cervix, kidney, pancreas bladder, oesophageal and mouth cancer.

If you are a smoker, it may not be easy for you to stop. You might need professional help too as you may not only be putting yourself in danger but other people as well who may be exposed to second-hand smoke.

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Exercise regularly. Getting involved in physical activities does not only help keep you in good shape but also has a positive impact on your general health and well-being.

Obesity, which can result from sedentary living, has been linked to colorectal and breast cancer. It has also been traced to pancreatic and lung cancer.

  • Get immunized and practice safe sex

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Certain viruses such as the HBV, HCV and the HPV have been linked to different types of cancer especially the liver cancer. The bad news is that many strains of these viruses, especially the HPV are spread by skin-to-skin contact during sex but the good news is that there are vaccines available for them. Your doctor should provide you with the age recommendation for the vaccines.

One very important measure you should take against cancer is to go for cancer screenings. See a doctor today as some tests can help detect cancer at an early stage: the earlier, the better.


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