The original “OKTOBER FEST” is the title of an international beer festival celebrated each year all over the world in the month of October. The Oktober fest pool party is an idea that Jimmy Moise came up with to help promote the carnival band through the sale of it’s costumes and recruiting participants, because each participant must have a costume.  Jimmy J. Moise, President CEO of Le P’ti Club which is an art & culture organization based in Miramar, Fl. This organization has been  around  for almost 15 years, says Jimmy, and there are: him as the  cultural arts promoter, Paul Jean Louis the founder of Zouk collective masquerade group and Jackie Exceus the event coordinator, together they organized many events.

This year will be the first participation of the zouk collective band at the Miami Broward official carnival started about 10 years ago,  Ti Chapo a Haitian veteran in Miami Broward carnival, will be also part of this event.
Sunday October 8th, 2017 is the official date of the Miami Broward carnival, all is invited to this free community event. There will be swimwear contest, cash and a carnival costume as prizes for the winner. Jimmy and his organization hope this event will create a momentum around the carnival costumes to facilitate the sale. 

Watch this video to see more costumes

Photo and Video: Courtesy Jimmy J. Moise

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