Mozayik, one of the Haitian jazz Pillars

It was this past Sunday October 09, the Haitian jazz band Mozayik celebrates 16th years anniversary at SOB’s. It was a great evening where Jacques Shwarz Bart shared the stage with the band to bring musics that everyone would love. Jacques Shwarz Bart started the show with some great songs from his repertory.

After his performance John “Jube” Altino gets on the stage to introduce one of the pillars of the Haitian jazz music: Mozayik. The band opens the show with a great tune titled moonlight followed by some compositions of the band members. 16 years of dedication to the Haitian jazz music. Jazz with Haitian flavor, a good blend of jazz standard with Haitian twist. If you are talking about Haitian jazz, the band Mozayik is the first on the list.

John"Jube" Altino introducing Mozayik

Everyone  enjoyed the moment, no matter what your preference is in terms of music, you would love watching the band playing. One piece after another Mozayik kept the audience in the mood. With Eddie Bourjollie on guitar, Ted Cruz on piano, Gene Torres on bass,  Jean Guy Rene and Jean Mary Brignol on tambour (Haitian drums) and the band leader Gashford Guillaume on drums.

 Mozayik is doing a wonderful job in elevating Haitian jazz and supporting Haitian culture.

Gashford Guillaume shinning on the drums as usual
Jacques Shwarz-Bart on Sax
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