” La Nuit des Jeunes 2019″ is also ” La Nuit Des Moins Jeunes”

“La Nuit des Jeunes” became a tradition. Every year, Jaz Enterprise, other entertainment companies, and media joined their effort to put together a show to promote Haitian music Kompas in its form. “La Nuit des Jeunes”  isn’t only for the young, but you see people from all ages, background, and nationalities, all on the same floor, dancing, networking, and enjoying the moment in it’s fullest.

If you are one of the people who doesn’t go dancing and partying because of an unsafe and filthy environment, then let me you that I used to be one of you until I went to this party last night. Let’s talk about security check: each individual entering Amazura last night was checked thoroughly, this not only give you peace of mind but also you will know that you can have a good time and not be afraid of the person standing next to you.

Eline Magazine

First, Michael Guirand and Vayb hit the stage, as Micheal is making his entrance through the crowd, singing a smooth melody, everybody followed him to the front stage, for one second you wonder where all these people came from. The band performed its hit songs and the dancers where amazing.


Now, years in a row, Tico Armand has been hosting this show, after each band she wore a different outfit, she did try hard to entertain the audience in between, doing a lap dance for someone from the crow which a lot of people think was inappropriate to do on a stage while hosting.

Tico Armand

Up next comes Harmonik, with a marching band and dancers, they did a great performance while inviting the crowd to enjoy Carnaval with a “Band Rara” dancing through the crowd, that ending from Harmonik really set the place on fire, it was unexpected. Bravo Harmonik.


“La Nuit de Jeunes” honored Ralph Condé, guitarist and composer. Ralph has years of experience in the music industry, it was nice of the Jaz Enterprise team to show love and appreciation to that talented musician.

Ralph Conde enjoying “boulette” at the VIP section

The lineup included Gabel, Klass and Coralie as a guest artist but the organizers had the chance to squeeze Paul Beaubrun in the show, he added a different flavor to the show which was what the event was missing. Paul Beaubrun and Annie Alerte on the stage singing “Ayizan”, they were beautiful up there.

We surely encourage promoters to organize events like this to keep our culture alive. Haitian might disagree with each other on so many levels, but music and culture are what bring us together as one.

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