It’s official Zafem is born

Reginald Cangé and Déner Céide teamed up to create a new band with a new sound and flavor. Déner is a great producer and one of the best writers in the Haitian music industry. He is well respected for his work, he has experience and everyone knows that if the music is from Déner, it has to be good. They are all excited to see what Déder and Reginald have produced. A perfect combination of talents, music and voice to elevate our souls. The press released from MIA Media just announced the official lunch of the band “Zafem”, which the grand premiere is scheduled for Friday, June 21st, 2019 at ” La Boom” in Woodside, NY.

This is good news for the music lovers and a new beginning for Reginald Cangé. His silent made some people wonder, where was he and what he was doing with his skills? Now we know, he might face a setback but it doesn’t mean that he gave up on his dream. He said that; ” Music has always been my passion and, today, as we launch an album that will add love to people’s hearts, and smiles on the faces of fans from around the world. I can’t wait to just let the music speaks for itself.”


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