“I know exactly what my people want” says Se Joe

Se Joe was born in Brooklyn but raised in Port-Au-Prince. He attended to Saint-Louis de Gonzague Elementary and Secondary School before he moves to South Florida.

“My desire is to entertain people from all walks of life. Creating a nest of comfort for individuals when experiencing any type of turmoil in their life.” He says.

“As many Haitians may know, Haitian parents only know three professions: doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Because of the pressure from my family to practice medicine, I was lead to Tallahassee to attend The Florida State University where I, despite my desire to be a Humorist, obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and minors in both Chemistry and French.”

He continued: “But my heart could no longer keep me away from my desires. I eventually began creating videos on YouTube of distinctive Haitian jokes that could only be executed with the pureness of talent and pride. The positive views were massive and the demands were high. My fans wanted more and more of me and I did exactly that.

Launching SeJoe.com is one of my biggest accomplishment and one of the most prized possession where I tear down my shield and gives my 100 percent to the people that matter most: the fans.

My name is Sejoe and I am a Humorist, Creative Director, Producer, Video Editor, and God has me on his iPod.”

Source: Se Joe

Se Joe will be at the Eline Fleury show on May 1, 2016 at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn NY, to share his savoir-faire as he became  more mature in making people laugh.

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