How to Stay busy during the Stay-at-home order?

A lot of people are complaining about being home too much, some don’t know what to do, cause they’re not used to be home all the time. If you have children, I believe that you can tutor your children, now the schools are sending homework to the students, help them do their homework, read with them, practice music, and study. As parents, we are always out working long hours, 2, 3 jobs, when we get home tired, we rarely check our children’s homework and progress in school. Now it’s time to catch up. With online schooling, teachers post assignments once a week or every day, set a work schedule, do different things in between, play cards, coloring, find activities online if you have access to the Internet, watch good family movies.

Photo by Dane Deaner 


If you have a phone it’s easy to find ” fitness app” on Google play, use your imagination, walk around your house, run outside in your neighborhood if possible, don’t forget to keep your distance with others


Try new recipes, cook with your significant other and/or your children. Set a menu for the week, cook something new everyday if you can, it’s fun and relaxing

Learn a new language:

We often don’t have time to try new things, now you can learn a new language. Since the libraries are closed, you can order books online, find an “app” on your phone, practice with your friends over the phone or face time.

Clean up your house, closets and draws:

There will always be something to do in the house, rearrange your closet, go through your draws, clean up the pantry, you will probably find expired food in there, check the attic, the back yard, you will be surprised to see how much need to be done

Learn a new instrument:

Practice something new if possible

We often say that family is the most important thing, why not take advantage of the time we have together to re-bond, find the value of family time which should be our main priority. A lot of us used to work 50 to 70 hours a week, we work 2 jobs to take care of our family, we’ve seen families fall apart due to lack of communication and affection, this is the time to make it right

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