How to get rid of German cockroach using light and Windex?

It’s hard to get rid of German cockroach. You just move to an apartment/house, after a few days living there, you start seeing german cockroaches around. It’s embarrassing to get cockroaches off your clothes in public. You tried everything, but nothing seems to work, you hired an exterminator, still no success because they still come back. Here are a few things you can do to get rid of German cockroaches, and other cockroaches forever without breaking the bank.

  1.  Keep your house clean, don’t leave leftover food lying around the counter and the stove overnight
  2. Use Windex vinegar to wipe down the countertop, stove, and cabinet as often as possible, once a day will be good.
  3. Clean your floor at least once a week. Use bleach or Ajax, then if you want you can also use fabouloso to make your house smells good
  4. Take your trash out
  5. Get a small table lamp, put it somewhere on your counter or a table near the countertop or stove, turn it on at night and leave your lamp in the kitchen until daylight. Cockroaches will stay away, they hate lights. Keep repeating the same thing every day.



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