Haiti vs Canada

When corrupted and mediocre Haitian politicians keep the whole nation prisoner in poverty for decades while the country does have what it takes to be prosperous, you must understand tonight was more than a VICTORY. When great Haitian Musicians, talented Haitian Painters, wicked smart Worldwide Haitian Writers and Intellectuals are all this nation has to create a name for them in the International Community, you must understand tonight was more than HISTORICAL. When (SUPERHEROES) Haitian Athletes from all disciplines are all Haiti has to give this troubled country a fair place in the world, you must understand tonight’s historical win was more than a simple WIN. THANK YOU hashtagDukensNazon hashtagDonaldGuerrier hashtagHervéBazile for making Haiti’s Children Happy tonight! They will never forget this moment. When soccer is more than a sport for this country, you must understand their joy tonight.

P.S : DG7 your goal tonight is probably the greatest Haiti’s one of all time. I am proud of you man!

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