“Forever Yours” from Patrick Ulysse is a love story about finding true love at the wrong time.

About the director

PATRICK ULYSSE is a Haitian/American filmmaker who has worn several hats in the industry for many years.   In addition to being the Assistant  Director for the award winning indie “Amour Infinity”; He has worked on an array of Films such as “Happy five”, Woodhaven Pause”, “Good number” and recently “The Black Panthers” Vanguard of the Revolution.

Mr Ulysse’s production credits include “Law and Order” and “Sex and the City”. In 2006 Patrick penned, produced, directed and edited a short film: “One More Try”.  Mr Ulysse is now the writer producer and director of “Forever Yours”; a love story about finding true love at the wrong time.

The story of ” Forever yours”

Adrienne (Patricia Rhinvil) is a Dancer Choreographer whose destiny is upturned when she takes a job at a community Center in Brooklyn NY, and meets JC (Macc Plaise), a Soccer Coach. She teaches dance, he coaches Soccer as a way to keep kids off the streets. Though their mutual attraction is obvious, Adrienne is quickly thrown into conflict when she feels compelled to marry her fiancé Rey, a workaholic young businessman, to please her mother.

Full synopsis

A young coach has found the woman of his dreams. The only problem is, she’s engaged to another man. Forever Yours is a Haitian-American romantic drama about love and fate. JC (Macc Plaise) is a volunteer soccer coach at a community center in Brooklyn, NY, where he meets Adrienne (Patricia Rhinvil), the new dance teaching artist.

JC warms up to Adrienne because of her sweet and charming disposition. But there’s one problem, Adrienne is about to get married to Rey (Cedric Darius).

Rey and Adrienne’s relationship is hardly perfect. Rey is married to his career while Adrienne mostly agreed to the marriage because of her mother. But because she is always true to her word, Adrienne gives everything she can to make the relationship work. JC doesn’t push her and gets used to being just friends with Adrienne.

But concerns for two of their students, Linda and TiJean, have forced them to work together. They spend more time together and, before they know it, sparks begin to fly between JC and Adrienne. They are completely smitten with each other.

Feeling confident and in love, JC asks Adrienne to end her engagement to Rey. But Adrienne, worried about how her mother would react, says no and returns to Rey. She heads home to the Hemptons marry Rey.

What’s JC to do? Will anything change her mind?

The actors

Patricia Rhinvil – Adrienne

Fluent in 3 languages Patricia Rhinvil is an actress, writer and a Globe trekker. Patricia originally from Haiti is a lover of the arts. She is the Creole voice on American Airlines flights to Haiti.  She is a natural.  She is Best known for playing Vita in the Tribeca Film Festival selected movie “Stones in the Sun”.  Forever Yours is her second lead role. Ms Rhinvil’s Strong leadership and acting skills carry the story forward.  Patricia Deeply researches each and every character.

Macc H. Plaise – JC

Macc H. Plaise was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in the United States in Brooklyn, New York. From 12 years of age and on. Macc actively pursued his interest in the performing arts leading to participations in high school plays, fashion shows and amateur productions. After high school, he joined HB Studio in the Greenwich Village in New York City to study acting and later enrolled at Marymount Manhattan College to study theater. During his college years he was casted on the Fox5 Television show America’s Most Wanted (1996), in Babylon Burning an Independent Film (1995), and the (Off Broadway) play The Taking of Miss Janie. Macc has also appeared in several of his own projects as actor, writer and producer. He has written four screenplays to date and just recently completed his latest work as an Associate Producer on the documentary film entitled “Sweet Micky For President”. The documentary has won several awards and deals with the issues facing Haiti and its former pop star turned President.

Courtesy: Patrick Ulysse

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