Festival “Gelée” Cayes 2017

We celebrate the festival “Gelée” on August 15th. This year everyone agreed on one thing, they say that the festival was a success. People traveled from all over the country to Cayes, to have some good time and sell their goods.
Many bands was there to perform: Bossa Combo, Vayb, Meridional des Cayes, G7, Gabel, Roody Roodboy, Tony mix just to name a few. The Senator Hervé Foucant has organized the festival to please everybody. The show was free and those who traveled from far brought their tents, they camped by the beach enjoying the beautiful blue sea.
This is how we celebrate Our Lady of Assumption “Aux Cayes”

Images from the Festival

Photo by Frantz Fleury for Eline magazine

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