Faces on Haitian postage stamps/ Figures sur les timbres

Among the faces on the Haitian postage stamps includes revolutionaries, activists, pioneers of the Haitian independence, the first president of the United States George Washington, the head of the church and more. The following entries list the name of the person, the year they were first featured on a stamp, and a short description of their notability. The list is not complete.

Au nombre des figures qui sont sur les timbres postes Haïtiens, nous comptons des révolutionnaires, des activistes, des pionniers de l’Indépendance, le premier Président des États-Unis d’Amérique George Washington, le chef de l’église  et d’autres encore. Voici une liste des premières personnes figurées sur les timbres poste. Cette liste est non exhaustive.

. Boisrond Tonnerre: He was an Haitian writer and historian who served Jean Jacques Dessaline. Boisrond Tonnerre is the author of the final version of the Haitian Act of Independence.

According to the Haitian author Christophe Phillippe Charles, Boisrond-Tonnerre scribbled the following quatrain on the walls of his cell before his execution on either the night of the 23rd or the 24th of 1806:

“Humide et froid séjour fait par et pour le crime

Où le crime en riant immole sa victime

Que peuvent inspirer tes fers et tes barreaux

Quand un coeur pur y goûte un innocent repos?” (Source: Panorama de la littérature Haitienne)

  • Louis Bornó (1924) – President of Haiti

  • François Capois (1946) – Military leader during the Haitian Revolution Also known as Capois la Mort.

His portrait is also on 50 Gourdes (dollars) bill

  • Sylvio Cator (1958) – Olympic silver medalist in the long jump 7.58m. (Photo credit:Shutterstock.com). Sylvio or Silvio Paul Cator was the most successful Haitian athlete  in the long jump. Born in Cavaillon, Haiti, Cator was a footballer who played for the Trivoli Athletic Club and the Racing Club Haitien. (Source: Wiki). The Haitian biggest stadium is called Sylvio Cator to honor the famous athlete who made history by winning two medals in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928.

  • Henri Christophe (1954) – Was a former slave and leader of the Haitian Revolution. President and later King of Haiti.

Henri Christophe portrait is on the Haitian 100 Gourdes (dollar) bill

  • Pierre de Coubertin ( 1960) – Founder of the modern Olympic Games

  • Jean Baptiste Point du Sable (1959) – First non-native settler in the area which is now Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Jean-Jacques Dessalines (1904) – Leader of the Haitian Revolution and later Emperor of Haiti

Also called father of the Haitian revolution, Jean -Jacques Dessalines is on the 250 Gourdes (dollar) bill

  • Thomas-Alexandre Dumas (1935) – General in the French Revolution

  • Alexandre Dumas, père (1935) – French author

  • Alexandre Dumas, fils (1935) – French author and playwright

  • François Duvalier (1958) – President of Haiti

  • Claudinette Fouchard (1960) – Beauty queen

Claudinette Fouchard was elected miss Haiti Sugar Queen in 1960. She was on Ebony’s and JET magazine cover

That photo shows  the President François Duvalier congratulating Claudinette Fouchard after winning the crown.

  • Occide Jeanty (1960) – Composer and pianist

  • Immanuel Kant (1956) – German philosopher

  • Hammerton Killick (1943) – Navy admiral

  • Lamartiniere (1954) – Military leader during the Haitian Revolution

  • Cincinnatus Leconte (1912) – President of Haiti

  • Abraham Lincoln (1959) – President of the United States

  • Paul Eugène Magloire (1953) – President of Haiti

  • Yolette Magloire (1954) – First Lady known for her charity work

  • Pierre Nord Alexis (1904) – President of Haiti

  • Toussaint L’Ouverture (1904) – Leader of the Haitian Revolution

  • Alexandre Pétion (1904) – President of the southern Republic of Haiti

  • Pope Pius XII (1959) – Head of the Roman Catholic Church

  • Lysius Salomon (1887) – President of Haiti

  • Antoine Simon (1910) – President of Haiti

  • Tirésias Simon Sam (1898) – President of Haiti

  • Sténio Vincent (1931) – President of Haiti

  • George Washington (1949) – First President of United States

  • Simón Bolívar (1949) – Venezuelan military and political leader who led many Latin American nations to freedom

  • Other stamps/ Autres timbres poste

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