“Dous Makos” Haitian Fudge

“Dous Makos” was created in 1939 by a Belgian entrepreneur named Fernand Macos, who decided to immigrate the country and open up his own business in one of the towns of Haiti: Petit-Goave.

Dous makos recipe has become a secret, some people try to make dous makos but you will taste the difference when you eat a dous makos coming from Petit-Goave and dous makos coming from somewhere else.

If you are passing by Petit-Goave, you will see many people selling dous makos on the road, at their shop, some will have the sign saying ” orijinal la”, meaning ” The real dous makos”.

Dous makos is made from concentrated milk, cinnamon, chocolate, citrus peel, vanilla, sugar, peanut butter, almonds and some add a little rum. The fudge has five stripes, of different colors usually pink and brown. Next time you visit Haiti, we invite you to stop at Petit-Goave, you will find ” original dous makos la”.

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