Coralie Herard: A Singer-songwriter Representing Haiti Around the World

Singer-songwriter Coralie Herard has a voice that is sweet and soulful with an underlying power that surfaces at will. While based in Haiti, she has performed around the world, singing in Haitian Creole, French and English. Her influences range from Haitian folk music to American soul making her music a unique blend of eclectic sounds. Recently, we got the opportunity to learn more about Coralie from the woman herself.


Eline Magazine: Coralie, I read that you started singing when you were a teenager during your private guitar lessons. What was it about the guitar that inspired you to sing?


Coralie Herard: I started singing at a very early age, around 8 years old. Later on in life, when I was 18, I started taking private guitar lessons. That’s when I convinced myself to use it as a tool to express myself publicly and show that I could sing.


EM: In 2010, you went to the Conservatorio de Musica Artes Mozarte in Quito, Ecuador. Why did you choose to go there? And how did this place influence your musical journey?

CHI said to myself: I should focus on being on the right path for me. My experience in Ecuador and the music I was exposed to, their culture influenced my way of composing in some ways. I can easily play with all I’ve taken from the Ecuadorian culture and mix it with my own creative process and come up with a sound more authentic and organic that still reflects who I really am.


EM: Can you tell us a little more about your creative process? What inspires you, and how do you develop your songs?

CH: To be able to create, anything can inspire me really. It could be right after I’m done having a pretty interesting conversation with someone. It could be that one note that I played and that led to an entire finished song. It could be how I’m feeling. But sometimes I know days where I’m not inspired to write a single word, a single note. It’s all in the feeling, really.

Coralie Herard
Interview with Coralie Herard

EM: What are some of your favorite moments as a music artist so far?

CH: Some of my favorite moments definitely include my collaboration with Joss Stone — someone I have looked up to ever since I was a teen. It was so easy to work with her. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity. Also, my many travels because of music and my time spent at the conservatory in Quito.


To keep up with Coralie, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at “coralieherardofficial.” Keep an eye out for her new album, set to be released this year.

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Coralie Herard

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