Ashté Art

Hans Tondereau, aka Ashté was born in Haïti from French and Cuban parents. Being raised in Haïti he learned to express himself through art, dance and music. After High school he went to Paris where he studied art and music. After the earthquake in Haiti, he wrote a song he titled ” cry no more”, dedicated  to those who died in the seism. Now Ashté gets to do what he really wants which is teaching dance, write musics and painting. He’s working on many projects which you will discover soon in Eline magazine and TV.


In each tradition, a monkey is to learn life lessons along the way, and as they grow up, make changes and eventually gain redemption from the holy hole.

“GODDESS Selene”The goddess embodies the theme of obedience and reverence and perseverance, and as she teaches the rest of the wild monkeys; she also builds an empire of bliss and responsibility, devotion, and the promise of salvation to all who sincerely seek the truth.

“Cry no more” music video by Ashté

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