A Day to honor the living Legends of the Haitian music industry

Richard Urbain did it again, The Haitian Labor Day Festival 2019 became a festival to not only promote Haitian Kompa music but also, to honor the musicians who paved the way for young musicians of today.

Saturday night was the red carpet ceremony were the legends received one each a proclamation for their services to the Haitian music. Yes, they deserved to be recognized while they are alive, they deserve to be appreciated for their knowledge and services. Dadou Pasquet, one of the honorees, said that he feels so happy that for the first time, he’s being honored for his work and sacrifices, he said that he wishes young talented musicians of today, reach out to those who have experience in the industry, to guide them and toss ideas. Dieudone Larose, Dadou Pasquet, Michel Martelly, Robert Martino, Isnard Douby, Cinna Octavius Charles (Ti Blan), Jean Elie Telfort (Cubano), Toto Necessite and Georgy Metellus (Princess Georgy) are among those who fought so the Haitian Kompa music stays alive, they stick to the music not because of the money they are making but because of their love for the art and for those who enjoy the sound of music.

When Dadou Pasquet starts playing his hit ” Ou pila”, the crowd sang with him and some people from the audience had goosebump

The festival’s musical line-up is Kreyol-La, DiSip , Vayb, Kai, Gabel, Klass, Harmonik, T-Vice and Roody RoodBoy. Here are some images from the Festival

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