14 things a woman should carry in her purse

90% of women say that they will never go out without a purse, for work, an afternoon with friends, do errands, a date or church, a purse is essential to them. Like they say, “what’s in a lady’s purse tells a lot about her personality”.

You probably ask yourself: “Should I bring a purse to a date?”. The answer is yes.

Now, what should be in a woman’s purse? What are the essential things she must have in her purse that can make her life easier? We put a list of items that should be in a woman’s pocketbook at all time and here they are:

1. Pen


It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, manufacturing, health or retails, someday you might need to write a phone number, a name, a signature, a simple checklist, a check, you might need to fill out a form or maybe someone else might need to borrow a pen, you will be there to help.


2. Lipstick/ lipgloss

Not every lipstick will stay on all day. Some lipsticks fade after you eat, drink, after lunch or after a kiss. There is a list of lipsticks that stay on all day and kiss-proof. Bran like Maybelline New York, Revlon ultra HD matte, Victoria Secret, Sephora, Fenty beauty, Channel, Nars Powermate, Kat Von D, and MAC are among the list of lipstick bran to look for.  If you want to go for a cheaper lipstick, you can find it in any beauty supply, store, and pharmacy put one in your purse to refresh your look.

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3. Hairbrush or Comb

It’s easy to have messy hair through the day, the wind can mess up your hair or you are in rush, you simply forget to fix your hair properly, it’s always good to have a backup plan. An unexpected meeting comes up, no worry, a good brushing can save the day.


4. Hair Pins

Hair pins or clips are great accessories that ladies and girls should have in the inside pocket of their purse, someday, the pins will come handy for a great hairdo.


5. Tissue/ handkerchief/ wipes

Get the little pack of facial tissue on the go, a handkerchief or travel size of facial wet wipes. With these in your bags, you can look and feel fresh at any time.


6. Mirror

Sometimes you can use the review mirror of your car or the bathroom, the worse thing that can happen is, when you need to take one more look at your face before your meeting, or you want to put your lipstick on or refresh your makeup to get your confidence back and you don’t have a mirror.


7. Hand lotion

Use hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized and prevent them from cracking, especially during the winter time. You don’t want to walk around with a chapping and chafing hand, so bring your lotion to moisturize them after wash.


8. Sanitizer

Sanitizer does not replace hand lotion, however, it can give your hand a little moisture. Our hands touch a thousand of things all day long, and we don’t wash them as often as we suppose to, but sanitizer can always help. Hand washing is the best way to kill germs, use sanitizer when needed.


9. A pair of earrings

If you are always on the go, some days you can run out of the house and you forget to put your earrings on, spare of earrings can help you spice up your day.


10. Deodorant

You can’t go cheap on certain items, deodorant is one of them. Men and women should control their body odor, the brand you choose is important. Choose bran that can give you better and longer protection. If you work long hours and have to commute daily, you will probably need to put some deodorant on after the first 8hours, or if you sweat a lot, you will definitely need to put deodorant on more often. You may think that you are fine, but a quick sniff at your armpit will tell if you need to fresh up. It’s embarrassing when you have a strong odor,  you can’t give your friend a hug, or lift your arms up because of a smelly odor, or you think you put deodorant on and you didn’t. Sadly, some people can’t really tell if they have a strong body odor. In that case, a small size deodorant in the purse will give you comfort, and wetness protection, some deodorant will even prevent you from sweating in your armpits. There is a variety of antiperspirants, organic deodorant, roll-on, spray and mist to choose from, pick the best one for you


11. Mint candy

Mint is good to prevent breath odor. If you had onion or garlic in your food and you have to go back to work or to a meeting, you can control your mouth odor with a mint. If you are going on a date and you are not sure about whether your breath smells fine or not, have a mint just to be on the safe side.

12. Feminine Pads and Tampon

Not every woman knows the exact date of their next menstruation, even if you do, in the midst of your busy days you might forget to bring one with you. Always keep at least one pad or tampon in your purse, to help you go through the day. Get the protection you deserve for your menstruation or an unexpected bladder leak.

13. A mini notebook

Take note, be inspired, keep a journal of your daily activities, make a ” To do list”, leave a note for someone, your mini notebook could be really helpful.


14. A spare underwear

It happened to all of us women, one day you end up having an accident,  a discharge or an embarrassing odor, a spare underwear is a great alternative for cleaning panties. A clean underwear will make you feel your best at any time.

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