Seeing Signs of Love

Most often when you become aware of the emotion of love, you’re feeling it with your physical body. However you can also see love.

Although we humans define love as an emotion, the true nature of love is that it’s simply an extremely high frequency of energy. The human body senses this energy in many ways – seeing, hearing, physical sensations, and more. The information of the energy as it’s sensed by the body is sent along nerve pathways in the body to the brain, where that organ interprets it. If the information is interpreted as being of extremely high benefit to the body, the brain deems it to be what we humans call love.

For example, the light that is hitting the retina of your eyes is actually encoded data for your brain. The information is sent to the brain for deciphering via the optical nerve. If the interpretation is of a pleasing nature, according to the information stored in your brain, then you might respond by saying that you love what you’re seeing.

The importance of this process is that however your brain interprets what you’re seeing, it can change how you feel. So just the simple act of looking at something affects the state of your emotions and your physical well-being. Remember that stress, anger, tension, and other forms of the low frequential energy of fear have been found to actually cause illness and disease.

One very powerful and yet quick and easy way to change your emotional state from a lower, fear-related frequency to a higher, love-based one is to look for signs of love. Here are some examples:

Photo by Stephen Olatunde

1. As you go for your daily walk (you are getting outdoors and exercising aren’t you?) notice the beautiful yards you pass by. Someone loved planting those flowers, that tree, those shrubs. And they love them enough to care for them, or at least to make sure they are cared for by others.

2. Notice how carefully people pick out their produce at the grocery stores. They’re showing love for themselves and for their families by selecting the healthiest foods to eat.

3. Catch people smiling at one another. If they look your way, give them one of your smiles and watch their face light up.

4. Know that the majority of people you see working at jobs are doing so to provide a home, food, clothing, and more for their family.

5. Watch young dads playing with their small children, taking them along as they do chores such as grocery shopping, and having big, adult-type conversations with them.

Noticing signs of love is an extremely powerful and fast-acting antidote to fear.

Here’s five of my most recent signs of love:

1. My neighbor decided we need something smile about, so in the middle of summer he set up his favorite Christmas decoration – a giant inflatable polar bear with a huge smile – in his front yard for all who pass by his home to enjoy. It works! I smile every time I see it.

2. A heart on an Alder tree trunk down the street where I walk or drive by almost daily. Someone must have painted the heart on the tree and beautiful moss grows around it, forming a lush green frame.

3. My two cats who are always together, whether they’re sleeping or eating. They continually amaze me with their love for each other.

4. A neighbor whose dear pet dog is elderly and can’t walk very well any more, so she bought a stroller for her dog. Now she and her beloved dog can still have their daily outing together.

5. A friend who let his granddaughter paint his toenails purple. That’s a lotta love there!

What’s on your list? What signs of love have you seen recently? Start your own list of signs of love. Keep it handy for those days when you need an emotional pick-me-up. And add to it frequently.

Kathy Wilson helps people create a better life for themselves using a multi-faceted approach. Your needs are unique, and the methods she uses are customized to your specific needs. As her client, you and she may use Life Purpose Coaching, spiritual mentoring and consulting, NLP, vibrational healing, PSYCH-K, Tarot, teaching… whatever is in your highest and best interests. She’s a Certified Professional Coach, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, vibrational healer, author of An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose, and has written and published many eBooks and articles. For information about her products, services, and classes, visit her website:

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