Teachers see the best in us


Each one of us has been inspired by a teacher because they can see what’s good in us. Even in the middle of the pandemic, they never stop doing what they do best, which is to instruct us, we honor them for the sacrifices. For this reason, we create face masks in their honor. Those…

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Must have Golf practice net


For the golf lovers here is a Golf Net (Practice Net) that you must own. This Golf Hitting Net is perfect for hitting and chipping, it’s portable, with durable mesh, and easy to install. This golf practice net is an ideal training aid for all golfers, great for training assistance,suitable for indoor and outdoor use.…

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“This woman” is available

The singer-songwriter Eline Fleury just released her debut album titled “This Woman” now available for pre-order on Bandcamp https://elinefleury.bandcamp.com/album/this-woman It’s been a long journey, yes indeed, she’s working on the album so when you get your copy, you’ll feel motivated, inspired, and lifted. The album is scheduled to be released on December 12th, in the…

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Aloe Vera For Digestive Health

Aloe Vera Health Benefits When I first heard about the aloe vera plant it was because someone said it is good for your skin. But it’s referred to as a miracle plant by some. As the kiwifruit is a “superfood”, so aloe vera is a “super-plant”. It can be used in it’s natural form, as…

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Esteem – A Restraining Order Against Comparison

It started with this simple statement, “In order to get what they have, you’ve got to work twice as hard.” At the time, my mom was imparting what she believed to be true. You see, we grew up at a time when skin color privileged some people while it deprived others. In retrospect, I realize…

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