Listen to your body

When something happens in our society, it reminds us how fragile we are, and that we must give our well-being priority over everything else. It’s not about how much money we have, how popular we are, or our responsibility. There comes a point where we must take the weight off our shoulders, lay down and rest, give ourselves a break, and most importantly “Stop pushing when our body can’t take it no more.” Because when the smoke is cleared and the lights are off, we gonna be left alone with our decisions and the consequences. To all of you out there; Take care of your health, your heart is the vital organ of the body; therefore, minute dysfunctions or abnormalities in the heart may have drastic consequences on your health. When your body is talking to you, please listen. Some often believe that stroke, high blood pressure, and abnormality in the heart are only for people of a certain age. That’s false. To help prevent heart disease, you can: 1) Eat healthy. 2) Get active. 3) Stay at a healthy weight. 4) Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke. 5) Control your cholesterol and blood pressure. 6) Drink alcohol only in moderation. 7) Manage stress. 8) Do not ignore your symptoms. 9) Pay attention to your mental health. Learn to say “No” and seek help when you’re not feeling good.

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