Girls Of Color Take Over

I sat down with Teresa, the founder of ” Girls Of Color Take Over”, to talk about her idea for black girls.

Me: Tell me about you Teresa

Teresa: My name is Teresa Hernandez-Howe. I am a wife, and mother of two amazing teens. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I am currently working for AVEDA, Estee Lauder Company as a Store Director.

Me: Where the idea of creating “Girls of Color take over” came from?
Teresa: The idea of creating “Girls Of Color Take Over” came from having an entrepreneurial spirit. My late mother was always thinking of a plan, and ways to stay afloat. She always would say “No job is your job unless you own it.” She was absolutely right. It is imperative to have a plan B. Why not your own? I always had the idea of starting my own business. I worked in retail management for over 25 years and learned what it takes to operate a business. I have a go for it attitude, and immediately starting to think of what I can contribute to the world as well as what my purpose is. It is to help others get to their highest potential!!!!

In 2019, we had Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss USA,  Miss America, and Miss Teen all girls of color! It was AMAZING to see this. I would often wonder why Girls of Color were never seen in pageants. That year (2019) changed everything.  I immediately came up with Girls Of Color Take Over! At first, it was Girls Of Color Can Achieve Anything,  but my husband Chris help me realize that not only can we achieve anything, we can also TAKE OVER any industry we desire. I have no doubt about that!! 

Me: What do you hope to accomplish with GCTO?
Teresa: What I am looking to accomplish is Encouraging, Empowering, and Educating  Girls of Color, with different backgrounds and nationalities, on how to start their own business. I will teach them how to successfully write a business plan, how to get their ideas trademarked, and the importance of marketing. I started my own body care line, and it is imperative that I share and teach the process to others.

Me: How does your organization intend to reach girls of color all over the nation?
Teresa: I intend to reach Girls of Color all over the world through networking, social media, and advertising. I have started a group page on Facebook. Ultimately, I would love to continue growing by building collaborative relationships with people that have similar visions as mine, as well as partnering with you! I have friends in different parts of the world, I am also from Belize, Central America and I am sharing my information with every one of my connections.

Me: Any last words?
Teresa: I am a firm believer in “If you can see it, then it can be.” I can see Girls Of Color Take Over making a huge impact in the lives of many. With the right marketing, partnerships, and funding the sky is the limit.

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