Eline Fleury Foundation: EFFO


Our Mission

Is to provide clothing, food, school supplies and toys to the needy. With your help, kids from our neighborhood receive a monthly bag of food, clothes, before the beginning of each school year, each child receives bag packs and school supplies, and toys for the Holiday.


How can you help?

We collect on a daily basis, clothes (adults, teens, and kids), non-perishable food, bag packs, school supplies, toys, and small household items. If you are in the New York area, you can call 631-464-7389 to schedule a pick-up. For out of state, please send us a message our contact link to find out how we can get your donation.

We also need money to keep the movement alive, Donate whatever you give will make a difference

We clothe nearly 450 kids a month and the number is growing, we don’t have enough food to give and not enough supplies, your support is important to us, help give those kids a better life. One pack of rice, a shirt, a dress, a spoon, even a dollar will make a difference. Donate now.

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