Ways to give a fresh look to your bathroom

There are many different aspects of home renovation, including bathroom layout. You don’t necessarily have to change your bathroom layout in order to get a fresh and up-to-date look to your bathroom. For this home renovation, we changed the look easily and inexpensively.

The steps we took for this home renovation, bathroom layout were:

1- Removed the wallpaper and paint the bathroom with fresh white paint.  Glazed the bathtub and shower tiles white.
2- Removed the old sink, vanity, and medicine cabinet and replaced these items with updated furnishings.
3- Replaced the old shower door with a new clear glass shower door. Buy and install new sink and shower fixtures along with new towel racks.
4- Re-tiled the bathroom floor with an updated white tile.

To decrease costs with your home renovation, and bathroom layout, consider glazing the bathroom tiles versus ripping out the old tiles and installing new ones. You can bring someone to clean the tiles,  glazed them white, and create a whole new look for the bathroom.

Another cost-saving measure is to buy a vanity and medicine cabinet, they don’t have to be perfect 100% perfect.  There are plenty of kitchen and bath retailers who not only sell new merchandise but also have a backroom where they store less-than-perfect merchandise available for sale as well.

If your house has only one bathroom, you can buy a few towel racks in order to maximize the number of towels that could be hung at one time. You can also get inexpensive fixtures with modern looking. Large warehouse stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s have a great selection of bath and shower fixtures at great competitive pricing.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated when it comes time to update your home. You don’t always need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to add value to your home with an updated bathroom.


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