Book Signing to honor the historian Jean Ledan

This past Sunday October 28th, 2018 “Le P’tit Club” organized a book signing in Florida, to honor Jean Ledan. Jean Ledan is an historian, he is the author of « A propos de l’histoire d’Haïti, saviez-vous que… », “Le Vieux Port-au-Prince”. Jean Ledan was born “Aux Cayes, Haiti” in Octobre 1958, he studied Social Sciences at Dowling College and à New York University. He has a major on Politics and History from NYU. Ledan spent a lot of time discovering arts and culture of Haiti, he is an Artist-painter and upholsterer dilettante, writer and historian. For more than a decade, he contributed with the  newspaper “Le Nouvelliste” well known for his series ” A propos de l’histoire d’Haïti, saviez-vous que…”. He worked with the department of Culture of Haiti concerning the Copyright and Protection of the Artistic and Literary Works. He works on educational programs for levels 3 – 5 years, he is interested in educational, recreational and cultural publications. He also engages in an active artistic, literary and cultural life.

That same day, “Le P’tit Club” honored the musicians Toto Laraque and Claude Marcelin for their work in the music industry. The author George Vilson was among those present at this event.

 Jean Ledan

 From left to right: Toto Laraque, George Vilson and Claude Marcelin

 Photo credit: Georges Vilson

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