Aloe Vera For Digestive Health

Aloe Vera Health Benefits

When I first heard about the aloe vera plant it was because someone said it is good for your skin. But it’s referred to as a miracle plant by some. As the kiwifruit is a “superfood”, so aloe vera is a “super-plant”.

It can be used in it’s natural form, as an ointment, drank as a juice, concentrate and others, as new ones are continually being produced.

The aloe plant has been known for it’s general healing benefits for a long time, and although some claims and much research is still yet to be substantiated, it is already being used in the medical and dental industries to help patients. An aloe toothpaste is said to prevent, or inhibit plaque growth, in optometry they are using it as aloe eye drops.

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Some other aloe vera benefits include:

  • helping heal Crohn’s disease
  • arthritis
  • Epstein-Barr (herpes virus)

It is also very helpful in some digestive disorders because it contains malice acid and calcium, which help with the pH balance of stomach acids. You can use aloe vera to help some digestive disorders such as;

  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • IBS
  • cramps
  • acid reflux
  • celiac disorder

Drinking a natural pure aloe vera juice several times a day can help with these digestive disorders. Adding it to your diet on a regular basis can also benefit and strengthen your immune system, rid your body of toxins, healthier looking skin, reduces inflammation in the body and regulates weight which makes helpful for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Taking aloe vera daily also ensures you get most of the B complex group of vitamins, folic acid and niacin and several important minerals.

As with all digestive health improvement plans, you must reduce, or preferably eliminate processed commercially packaged foods, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, pasteurized juices and milk, and drugs or medications of any kind.

Adding aloe vera and kiwifruit to your diet is a great way to increase a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and dietary fibers.

J.M. Ferreira is editor of several websites, the latest [] shares information based on independent, and thorough research on one of our most important subjects; digestive health.

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