Eline Fleury LLC is a woman-owned and Managed Company, which was formed in order to promote Performing arts in all its Manifestations, to all persons and improve the quality of life for all persons within the community.

We have Eline magazine, Eline Fleury Show which broadcast in the NY Area, and Boston.


We provide:

  • Brand awareness through our magazine, TV show and social media
  • Event Photo and Videography
  • Live music for all occasion: Engagement, Wedding, birthday party, corporate party, etc.

Our team is here to help you make a good impression on your event.

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Eline Fleury Foundation

Our Mission

Eline Fleury Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate to create a better world. We will help children and young adults in the community with education, clothing, food, summer activities, and other basic needs. Our vision is to turn individuals away from the ghetto lifestyle into self-sufficient adults that are able to provide their own means. One of the core services we offer include clothing to children once a month as well as help with uniform and school supplies. We understand that for many families lack of adequate supplies is an inhibitor for student’s performance in school. Eline Fleury Foundation, Inc. also plans to give away toys and gifts during the Christmas holidays. One of our big initiatives for 2019 is to create pantry where parents can come collect a bag of groceries to feed themselves and their children. Over time as funds grow, we hope to have our own facility where we can start a performing arts program for young children to encourage their personal talents. This will eventually evolve into a summer camp for them to learn and discover their potential while having fun. The board of directors is passionate about providing summer camp, food, clothes, school supplies, and toys to the children in Haiti that also struggle with basic needs. We believe that by uplifting those that are struggling the most to be proactive about changing their life circumstances you can help improve the dynamics of the whole community.

Recent work

EFFO recently gave away food and clothing to over 150 children in Haiti, with your help, we will keep this going. We collect all unwanted items, clothes, non-perishable food, small household items, toys, school supplies, and cars from any condition, call 631-464-7389 to schedule a pick-up.