10 Tips to live a happy life

People are feeling much better when they are happy, but the mistake everyone is doing is to think that happiness is a finish line in a race. After crossing this border, will “happily live forever in Happy-land”? Happiness is a matter of a bright and open mindset! You can choose to make your life happy. So here are some ways you can try.

1. Leave the memories of the past.

Everyone has awful and blissful moments. So forget your painful memories. What has happened in the past is not important anymore; it has no relation to the future. Instead, focus on the good memories, set your eyes on the future and move on.

2. Be optimistic.

Try to look at things on the sunny side. Look for the sunshine above every dark cloud. For example, if you had an unfortunate traffic accident where your vehicle got damaged, the bright side is that nobody is injured and the car can be repaired. There is always a glossy page to look to be optimistic!

3. Be close to your family

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Try and maintain close contact with your family and friends. Our relationship with them has a more significant impact on our happiness than anything else. Humans are social beings. Therefore, it is worth evaluating your existing relationships. Make closer contact with people who lift you, and close the door on people who pull you down.

4. Try to find a job that will make happiness.

If you feel that you are over-stressed in your current job, and you do not get the well-deserved reward you want for it, then maybe it’s time to make shifts in your career. Job satisfaction plays an integral part in your happiness. Firstly give your job a second chance. Try a positive attitude in your work. If this does not work out in a short period, it is time to change careers.

5. Make friends

You have to be friends with people who have a common interest. Find something that you can be genuinely passionate about, but be careful that won’t grow over you. Avoid addictive things like gambling. Your new interest might be a hobby or an organization that you can be a volunteer. You can meet people here with the same enthusiasm and passion as you are.

6. Exercise

Practicing sports release endorphin, the happiness hormone. So you will not only care for your body but automatically wake yourself up.

7. Change your thinking

You have to start a fulfilled life. Do not delay finding new life experiences for a second. Try something new every day, or add a new skill.

8. Do not let small things put you down.

Do you remember the little things that bothered you? Forget everything that you can’t control and focus on the bigger picture. Life is too short to worry about trivial things.

9. Live for your life for yourself.

Do not try to live your life by other people’s expectations. So start to live for yourself!

10. Lastly, remember to give love without any expectations. Selfless love is something that makes you feel happy!

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